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This website serves as the electronic portfolio and resume for me, Walker Riley. It is intentionally formatted to emulate the look and feel of a command line interface. This design choice serves not only to highlight my technical affinity, but will hopefully be comfortingly familiar to those who are familiar with back-end programming and administration (mostly though, it was just fun to see if I could successfuly create a CLI-esque website).

Originally this website was being hosted on a Raspberry Pi, but I have since moved to a more stable solution. I initially chose a raspberry pi for hosting for many of the same reasons I chose to design the site in the way that I did: it flexes my tech skill a little bit, but mostly it sounded like a fun project. Unfortunately, the Pi was a little unstable, and would occasionally be uncreachable. I proved to myself that I could do it, but the maintenance necessary to keep my site running was impracticle, and so I made the switch to a cloud hosted server.

Please enjoy the website...

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