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For my capstone project, I interned at ePatientFinder as a security consultant. The project's objective was to develop and write standar operating procedures (SOPs) for the handling of electronic health records. These SOPs helped to develop a cyber-security culture that complies with SSAE SOC 2 standards. SOC 2 is a trusted system for reviewing security, availability, process integrity, privacy, and confidentiality.

These responsibilities ended up growing beyon policy and transitioned into practice. Writing SOPs turned into installing and configuring security systems and applications. As I took on more responsibilities, I leaned more about the company, which allowed me to better develop policies.

During the internship, I utilized several security and system administration tools such as:

  • Azure (a virtual machine management software)
  • Remote Desktop (a program that allows for remote system control)
  • VPNs (secure tunneling connections)
  • LastPass (a password management service)
  • Cryptomator (an open source cloud vault encryption tool)
  • Arachni (an open source security breach detection software)
  • Snort (an open source intrusion detection software IDS)

With my help, ePatientFinder has finalized the control language for the SOC 2 audit. Unfortunately, my capstone ended before our SOC 2 accredidation was finalized, but I will update this webpage once we hear back.

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