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I am currently a student at the University of Texas School of Information, where I am working towards earning my Master's of Science in Information Science with specilization in cyber-security and information policy.

  • <!-- Information Policy: Studying information policy gives me a theoretical grounding on topics like ownership, privacy, and freedom of informaiton. These are all topics with substantial implications regarding how the future of technology will unfold. -->

  • <!-- Cyber-Security: Pairing that policy foundation with studies in cyber-security allows me to take my technical background and put it to use in enforcing and protecting those policies, thereby placing myself at the forefront of change as it unfolds. -->



UT Austin is also where I recieved my Bachelor's degree. As an undergrad I majored in Pure Mathematics, which has given me a tremendous foundation for learning about computers. In addition to the standard education one might recieve while attending UT, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to study abroad in Dublin Ireland for a summer. I also spent one year of my undergraduate education in San Antonio while I attended UTSA.



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